Powering tomorrow

We’re at the forefront of developing back up generation to the National Grid. Our solutions balance supply and demand, creating resource and cost savings for our clients whilst reducing the environmental impact of power generation.

Our team of experts have a deep understanding of the energy market and how to meet the requirements of a fast-moving industry whilst understanding the unique requirements of landowners and commercial clients. With a background in large scale renewable projects, the team have developed out over 1GW of power, making us one of the most experienced energy teams in the UK.

We help deliver energy solutions which make our world a better place to be.

Talk to us today about energising your land on 01452 764 685 or email enquiries@ensoenergy.co.uk

Private energy generation

High energy users are increasingly looking at how to meet their own energy needs in a way which provides bottom line benefits. Our energy development consultancy will ensure you futureproof your energy requirements whilst overcoming connection and development barriers.

We enable the supply of up to 100% of your power requirements, reducing running costs and increasing energy resilience. Our services encompass energy storage, private power generation, development consultancy and grid consultancy. Our private power solutions enable your business to face the future confidently, secure against power outages.

Realise the energy benefits

With no capital outlay by our clients, and for the length of an agreed Power Purchase Agreement, we can provide private power requirements through establishing a dedicated generation plant, powering your business at a reduced fixed pence per unit price below market rate. Ensuring a reliable network involves balancing the network on a second by second business. Hosting your own plant offers the potential to sell excess energy back to the national network whilst reducing the demand on the grid.

We consider a range of generating options and create bespoke solutions for each site. We’re passionate about creating lower carbon energy solutions which meet our present needs without compromising the ability for future generations to do so.

Unlock the energy potential of your land

We can work with almost any site to unlock the energy potential of your land. We’re unique in that we will look at a range of energy technologies to create a bespoke energy solution for your property. With experience of developing out conventional and renewable generation plants, we provide project management for connections to the grid, gas, utility or private networks, tailored to clients’ budgets and timescales.

Talk to us today about energising your land on 01452 764 685 or email enquiries@ensoenergy.co.uk

Hosting an energy project can diversify your income through long term rental payments or land purchase deals, providing you with long term security. For suitable sites we offer competitive long term rental or purchase land at market rate.

Landowner services

We’re committed to developing a significant portfolio of back up generation. We consider brownfield, industrial and agricultural opportunities. Entering into a 25 year lease offers our landowners financial security and the opportunity to diversify their income.

Working directly with Enso Energy puts your site in the strongest position for energisation, ensuring you achieve the best possible ground rent and service along the way – with minimal capital cost and risk. We work with agricultural, brownfield, industrial land and will consider any site.


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Keeping the lights on

As energy developers, we specialise in the acquisition and development of land across the UK for private and commercial clients. Our ability to integrate and utilise different methods of energy generation, whether renewable or conventional, offers bottom line benefits ranging from the potential for income generation to reduced long-term costs. We ensure the power people receive is constant, enabling the proliferation of renewable power, meaning the businesses of the UK can keep running with a secure energy supply.

Talk to us today about energising your land on 01452 764 685 or email enquiries@ensoenergy.co.uk

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