Powering tomorrow

Energy solutions for today and tomorrow

Enso Energy are at the forefront of the power revolution, creating bespoke solutions which ensure the power people receive is secure and cost effective.

Our experience within the energy sector means we are skilled at developing out complex projects, drawing upon the latest industry innovations and technologies to deliver projects ranging from 2MW to 49.9MW.

Leading the transformation of the UK’s energy system

As one of the UK’s most experienced energy developers, Enso Energy specialise in the development of flexible back-up power generation and on-site solutions. Our intelligent energy solutions balance the network and respond in seconds to the demands of the National Grid.

We recognise the unique demands of each site and harness the power of different energy technologies to deliver the right solutions for each project.

Powering performance, resilience and growth

We help clients gain a competitive edge from energy through harnessing the power of distributed energy solutions. Our innovative and entrepreneurial approach balances the energy trilemma; improving security of energy supply, utilising lower carbon generation/supply and lowering the cost of supply through onsite generation.

Active in a range of conventional and renewable generation plant, we have the expertise to provide site-specific energy solutions from a range of technologies.

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Our developments generally utilise between 0.5 to 2.5 acres of land


Our on-site generation solutions can provide a significant proportion of your energy needs


We provide an important standby resource and reserve for National Grid


We typically develop sites which supply between 10-50MWs

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