What we do

Our unique funding model enables us to deliver energy cost savings or energy resilience for our clients.

Are you a landowner or asset manager:

  • Wishing to maximise the revenue from your land and assets?
  • Interested in diversifying your income?
  • Close to an existing gas or electrical grid connection?
  • Concerned about sustainability and the impact of power demands upon the environment?
  • Looking for a long-term, mutually beneficial partnership?
  • With land which you think could potentially host an energy development?

Are you a high energy user:

  • Interested in reducing your energy expenditure?
  • In need of more energy to meet the increasing power requirements of your business?
  • Concerned about the cost implications of rising gas and electricity bills?
  • Wishing to improve your carbon footprint and support Corporate Social Responsibility?
  • Dependent on power for keeping your business running?
  • Interested in unlocking new sources of value?
  • Hoping to improve energy efficiency?

Are you a developer or business owner:

  • Looking for a partner to provide full design, project management and construction for gas infrastructure?
  • Requiring a seamless connection to the gas network?
  • Needing cost-effective delivery of your project through to completion?
  • Interested in outsourcing the complex and complicated connections process?
  • Looking for a Utility Infrastructure Provider who can provide bespoke services for multiple or standalone projects?

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The UK is legally bound to provide for 15% of its energy needs from renewable sources by 2020

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About half of the UK’s 57,000 farms use some form of diversified activity in their farming business

Reduce CO2

The Government’s aim is to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 60%, relative to 1990 levels, by 2050

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Independent suppliers now have a 14% share of the electricity supply market, compared to just 1% in 2012

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