Enso CoGen

Turn energy into opportunity for your business

No capital investment icon

No capital investment required

Fixed, low prices for up to 100% of your power icon

Fixed, low prices for up to 100% of your power

Simple, all-inclusive, fully managed contract icon

Simple, all-inclusive, fully managed contract

Additional capacity and resilience

Additional capacity and resilience

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With Enso CoGen you can now take advantage of a 5 year fixed price energy contract, at lower than wholesale prices. Our solutions apply to all sizes of companies regardless of whether you are public and private organisation.

Our unique service involves building a mini power station at your site and directly supplying up to 100% of your electricity and heat requirements – a resilient lower carbon energy supply that provides you with budget certainty in an increasingly volatile market.

 We can even work with your existing systems to maximise commercial efficiency.

The process is very straightforward, starting with a free feasibility study.

All we need to get started is 12 months of half-hourly electricity consumption data (and heat if relevant). We can then model your consumption and current energy costs, and suggest potential options for your on-site generation.

Once the feasibility report tells us the project is viable, we carry out a technical site survey and produce a detailed proposal for you to consider, including the design of a full generation solution for your site and providing a PPA offer. We’ll talk you through the funding options, and once the project and timeframes are agreed, we’re good to go.

Our technologies include:

  • Power generation and CHP (electric generation plus heat or cooling)
  • Battery Storage
  • Diesel Generator Scrappage Scheme
  • Building Controls

Enso CoGen also help optimise existing generation and Uninterrupted Power Supply/storage assets to deliver additional savings and revenues:

  • Within Day Energy Trading
  • Peak Avoidance
  • Grid Balancing Services
  • Capacity Market
  • Smart Grid Integration and Blockchain fixed for 5 years, with no capital outlay.


Application Industrial


Heavy industry
Manufacturing plants

Application Healthcare


Care and residential homes

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Hotels and spas
Gyms and leisure centres
Tourism and entertainment

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Manufacturing and FMCG
Supermarkets and retailers
Parks and outlets

Application Communications


Data centres
Telecommunications providers
Carriers and operators

Application Property


Science and business parks
Educational campuses
Office developments