Enso Energy

Powering tomorrow in partnership with landowners, the community and the environment

1200 sites

Last year we evaluated over 1,200 sites


Our average annual payment per MW is over £2,000

typical size of sites icon

The typical size of one of our sites is 1.5 acres


We have developed 350MWs of sites that have obtained contracts in the Capacity Market

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Unlock the energy potential of your land

We can work with almost any site to unlock the energy potential of your land. We’re unique in that we will look at a range of technologies to create a bespoke solution for your property. We are committed to developing a significant portfolio of back up generation, and consider all land, including brownfield, industrial and agricultural opportunities of all magnitudes for energy developments.

With vast experience of developing conventional and renewable generation plants, we provide project management for connections to the electricity and gas grid networks as well as for utility and private networks.

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Diversify your income

Entering into a long-term lease offers financial security and the opportunity to diversify income streams. Hosting an energy project can diversify income through a long-term rental deal or from a land disposal, providing long term security. For suitable sites, we offer competitive long-term leases or we can purchase land.

Working directly with Enso Energy puts your site in the strongest position for delivery and energisation, ensuring you achieve the best possible ground rent and service along the way.

Hosting an energy development

We know how important it is to have confidence in the energy partners you choose. We foster long-term relationships which benefit our landowners and the wider community, offering you peace of mind and ongoing support. The fast-paced power world can be confusing to navigate, but we will guide you through the options to find the right way forward for you and your site.

With an enviable track record of delivery, we are committed to developing a significant portfolio of 2GW of back up generation over the next couple of years. Our transparent and open way of doing business means we are well on track to deliver this. Our landowners trust us, and so does the National Grid.

Our process:
Feasibility • Investigations • Agreement of terms • Planning • Project start

How we work

We assess a site suitability through desktop analysis and when required, a site visit. If the site looks viable, it is essential to verify the ability to connect to the electrical and/or gas networks in the local area.

To enable this, a Letter of Authority (LOA) is a pre-requisite. This simply grants us permission for us to submit a grid application on the landowner’s behalf. If the electrical connection is looking feasible and the landowner would like to continue working with us, we will agree the rental deal and commercial terms and all being well we will enter into the development process.

From here we will prepare and submit a planning application and instruct solicitors to complete the option to lease documentation. When the project achieves planning consent, we will enter into the lease and start construction as soon as possible.